Bags...Bears...Aprons...and more...

Bags, bears, aprons, and more...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still going strong!

I'm still here! It's been business as usual...kind of! I'm in charge of our ward's float for the Lehi Round Up Days parades and it's a competition...seriously. There is a winner. Last year it was us. A friend of  mine was in charge last year and I helped her out by making costumes...a lot of them! And we took SWEEPSTAKES! YAY US!

Apparently we did such a great job last year, I was put in charge this year.  I hate to admit it...but I kind of love it!

This year I am making 40 costumes...dresses, trousers, vests, and hats.  It's gonna be DARLING! SWEEPSTAKES...HERE WE COME!

In between all the parade costumes I'm also making a quilt for my niece Shantel...she is getting married in June.  I just adore her!

She had a dream that I had offered to make her wedding dress and did so...out of all the cousins OLD, HOLEY, RATTY jeans! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Of course I have to make her a jean quilt now! Come on! I'll post pictures of how cute it is getting when I get a minute...

And amongst all this...I am still making aprons and bags for Pioneer Party and private orders.  And I still love it.  Check out what I've been working on recently! LOVE THEM!

Yes, that is a chicken on the top...keep scrolling down to see the's eggs!

This one is a sweet pinkalicious apron, just perfect for a little girl!

And I've changed up the designs on the bags too...I kinda like about you?

And this last one...a friend ordered for her sister in law's birthday...I really love the way the cupcake turned out!

As always! Thanks for stopping by and email or text me if you would like to order!
(801) 310-6880

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bags, bags, and more bags...oh! and bracelets!

Update overload! It's been a while, to say the least...
On the bag front...the Young Women still love them...Addy wants one in every color...and I just keep finding cute fabric! Wahoo!

Take a look at the most recent additions...

Quick'll hear more about a sweet little girl Sophia in my next post, really the first one, but it shows up below...this is her sweet bag! 

The rest of these cute bags are for sale at the fabulous PIONEER PARTY! In Lehi! LOVE them! 

In other news...I'm addicted to know you are too. And if you aren't yet, well send me an email and I'll make sure to invite you!

So, the point is this...BUTTON BRACELETS! I can't take credit for this super cute was a pin I took from someone else who took it from someone else who took it get it.  But I loved it! And since I'm having a love affair with buttons lately, I have them aplenty, and thought, what the hey!? I'll give it a shot.  So one late night catching up with a good friend and a few Bag O' Buttons later, VOILA!
Thanks Amy for being a wonderful hand model!


Super blurry...and purple and blue 

Some cute girly ones for my Addy B's friends

Pink and Turquoise  

Pink and yellow 

more purple and blue it! 

nice scissors, eh? It was LATE...I got sloppy.
And a few for a friend for stocking stuffers...

For sweet Emma 

A Bob Marley shout out for Teen age Brooke 

And some sassy colors for Fun loving Belle 

Keep reading for some FABULOUS aprons...and keep coming back because I've got...5...6...7! 7 more aprons to be finished soon! SOON! And they are DARLING! Plus...I've been working on a few projects with my lovable nieces! I can show you Shantel's and I will...but Jenna's has to wait.  Her boyfriend Corey wants a sneak peak...but it's a SURPRISE! ;)

Here are Shan's projects...
Aren't these some of the CUTEST stockings EVER!? They are! I'm so proud of her! She was patient and work so hard to make sure they were great for her family.  What a lady! You just wait, I'll get her yet! There's a latent crafter in there begging to come out!